Accounting Services


  • Handling of financial accounting (general ledger)
  • Handling of sub-ledger (accounts receivable and payable)
  • Handling of internal cost/management-accounting
  • Preparation of cash flow statements
  • Preparation of financial planning (budget)
  • Preparation of investment accounts
  • Preparation of VAT statements
  • Preparation of monthly-quarterly-annual accounts
  • Analysis of balance sheet and income statement, preparation of key figures
  • Valuation of companies and corporate divisions


Consulting and other services


  • Consulting about VAT 
  • Consulting about annual accounts
  • Consulting about and help with foundations, changes in corporate form, and liquidation of business partnerships and corporate entities
  • Compiling foundation documentation, contracts for contributions in kind, and articles of incorporation
  • Correspondence with authorities (commercial register office and notary's office)
  • Collection consulting and services
  • Temporary assignment of accountants