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ATN Audit and Tax Network AG is a network of consultants who perform audits and provide accounting, tax, management, and legal consulting services in Switzerland and abroad. Each of the partners and associates making up the network has his or her own consulting firm and can call on the skills of the others when assignments extend beyond their individual areas of specialization.

In the area of auditing, for example, ATN will provide a team of experienced auditors and then, if the assignment is of a more complicated nature, have the work reviewed by at least one additional expert. Beyond this, an analysis of the client's tax position and advice on how to maximize tax advantages are integral components of every year-end audit.

Thanks to their participation in the network, ATN's partners and associates are able to make available to their clients on short notice a team of consultants with the capacity, infrastructure, and skills required to take on an assignment and carry it out in a prompt, competent, and cost-effective manner.

ATN is not a closed organization but open to other specialists working in the same or related areas. It is built upon the knowledge, experience, and competencies of its individual member consultants, whose firms are organized so as to provide them with the flexibility needed to participate in such a network.

All of ATN's partners and associates regularly attend professional development courses and are thus up to date in their fields. In addition, they have access to a constantly expanding online databank containing, for example, articles on accounting developments and new legislation, collections of recent court decisions, filings, and papers from professional seminars.